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Heat Treated or Fumigation?

Wooden Crates | Fumigated or Heat Treated?

Here’s another one of these nasty and unhealthy little secrets that surround global clothing manufacturing. Natural fibers can be grown organically and garments can then be manufactured according to emerging organic guidelines but when the garments are shipped internationally from the garment manufacturer to a distributor or retailer, the garments might become tainted during shipping from pesticides intended to prevent insects, rodents, fungi, nematodes, and various disease causing organisms from accidentally being imported in the shipping materials along with that beautiful organic cotton shirt or merino wool jacket.

History Of Forklifts

History Of Forklifts | Types, Characteristics & Capabilities

Forklifts are most commonly used to move loads stored on pallets. The forklift was developed in the 1920s by various companies including the transmission manufacturing company Clark (today known as Clark Material Handling Company) and the hoist company Yale & Towne Manufacturing (today known as Yale Materials Handling Corporation). It has since become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Plywood Boxes

Plywood Boxes | Plywood Types, History and Applications

Plywood Boxes Strength to Strength: Plywood was the first type of engineered wood to be invented. It is made from thin sheets of wood veneer, called plies or veneers. These are stacked together with the direction of each ply’s grain differing from its neighbours’ by 90° (cross-banding).

Waste Not Want Not

Recycling Solutions | Waste Not Want Not | Big Ears

Recycling Solutions : What to do with paper waste: Two Newcastle printers have a few easy solutions Office paper waste is shredded and used by a customer for packaging material. Paper off-cuts are collected for recycling. Scrap paper and off-cuts are donated to community groups. A large quantity of cartons…

Plastic Slip Sheets

A Retailer’s Perspective on Plastic Slip Sheeting

A Retailer’s Perspective on Plastic Slip Sheeting – Plastic slip sheets are sheets of thick plastic with a 3-6 inch lip (referred to as a pull tab) on one or more sides that are handled using specialized push/pull attachments mounted on fork lifts. This attachment costs about $9,000.

Pallets v's Skids

Pallets v’s Skids | Find Out What’s Better – Pallet or Skid

What is the difference between a pallet and a skid? Find the answer here in our Pallet Info category on Australia’s leading warehouse suppliers website. Can’t find what your looking for ask Big Ears Direct.

Second Hand Pallets

Second hand Plastic Pallets | Should You Recycle Pallets?

Second hand Plastic Pallets. The project cuts labor costs by $46,000 and prevents 37 tons of wood waste a year. Reusable plastic pallets also offer many safety and performance advantages. If a wooden pallet is damaged or broken, it may collapse under a heavy load; but the durability of reusable plastic pallets improves worker safety.

Different Types Of Pallets

Pallets Information: Different types of pallets

Pallets are platforms used to move goods throughout their lifecycles; pallets accompany the cargo they carry in factories, trucks, warehouses and stores. To be effective, a pallet must be strong, manoeuvrable and perhaps most importantly, affordable.

Bird House Made With a Pallet

Turned wooden pallets into bird houses

Free wooden pallets and birdhouses add up to big country dollars by Rick Brentlinger If I could show you how to manufacture a product anywhere in the country and if I offered to find you the raw materials free, would you be interested? If so, here is a business plan…

The History Of Pallets

The history of Pallets

History of Pallets Pallet Evolved Along with Forklift By Rick LeBlanc Date Posted: 12/2/2002 After a company golf tournament in the early 1980s, a keen young pallet coordinator for a distribution center cornered a long retired grocery distribution manager at the 19th hole, eager to hear about the early days…