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Handling Equipment

Warehouse Handling Equipment

Handling Equipment is used in many warehouses in the industrial, food and retail sectors for the movement of products. It could be a loader, a stacker, or just a transporter. The varieties of handling equipment range from pallet handlers like forklifts, pallet jacks and palletising equipment to drum pickers, trolleys, scissor lifts and hoists.

Many materials handling equipment are electric or semi electric.


The type of trolleys that are used as handling equipment includes flat bed trolleys, platform trolleys, hand trolleys and cart trolleys. Some trolleys can be foldable or collapsible. Trolleys are predominately a specialised materials handling frame on wheels or castors and can be made out of steel or plastic.

Pallet Jacks

The types of pallet jacks available are quite vast. Apart from your standard pallet jack their are purpose built options like a Euro pallet jack which has narrower forks. Some pallet jacks are electric powered or semi electric powered which may consist of a manual lifting pump with an electric drive motor.

Drum Pickers/Drum Handling Equipment

There are several different types of purpose built handling equipment like Drum Pickers, Drum Lifters and Drum Turners. These are used extensively in chemical and petroleum industries or by manufacturers that use chemicals or petroleum.


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