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Container Shipping

Packing Your Shipping Container

This is an example of how rough the seas can be and the importance of you packing your shipping container correctly. As you can see in the video, shipping your goods overseas has its risks.

When packing your shipping container make sure that nothing can move and everything is tightly wrapped or strapped. Take precautions by using products that absorb the stress of collision.

It is very important to ask a container packaging expert on what their suggestions would be, which can range from utilisation of air bags to nylon belts.

Hapag-lloyd has a fantastic, must use, manual that covers;

  • Stresses During Load
  • Preparations For Container Transport
  • Protection Against Climatic Influences
  • Material For Securing Cargo
  • Stowing and Securing Various Types Of Cargo
  • Oversized and Heavy Cargo

Their manual can be found here.


Thank you Hapag-Lloyd for such a fantastic, condensed, and easy to understand, manual.