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A forklift is a motorised industrial truck with attachments that can be added to assist in the movement, lifting, loading, unloading or stacking of goods. The most common attachment are forks (Tynes) which are attached to aide in the lifting of goods that are stacked on a pallet base. Some products are built on pallet bases like crates, boxes and stillages. The pallet base allows a product/s to sit above the ground allowing access of the forklifts forks.

Forklifts are either electric, diesel, petrol or LPG powered. They come in a range of designs and sizes and many are purpose built to lift certain weights and reach certain heights. Some forklifts will even have different wheels for the surfaces they are built to run on.

There are many different brands of forklifts available and some of the leading brands are Toyota, Komatsu, Yale, CAT (Caterpillar), Hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hangcha, Baoli, Liebherr and Linde.


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