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Compact Pallet Racking

Compact pallet racking is an ingenious idea that can increase your storage capacity by over 60%. This compact pallet racking system can either be manually operated using cranks or automated so the forklift driver never has to get out of his forklift.

Compact Storage Space

Creating a compact storage area in your warehouse makes perfect sense in particular if you own your warehouse and feel that you may have to move to another warehouse due to needing more storage space. Feasibly this compact pallet racking system on rails may double your storage capacity of your warehouse.

This video was produced by an American company but, we do have professional companies in Australia that also specialise in this type of product. For more information regarding Compact Pallet Racking, check out our racking suppliers.

Other alternatives to maximising your storage space in a warehouse are creating mezzanine levels or raised storage areas. Remember, you don’t just measure floor space in a warehouse by square metres, it should actually be measured per cube as, where there is air, there is storage space.