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Warehouse Pallet Supplies


Pallets come in a range of different sizes and designs specifically manufactured for the purpose of carrying your products safely.

Standard Pallets

Standard Pallet Size: 1165mm L x 1165mm W x 145mm H.

The height of a pallet may change based on the solution being provided but the length and width are static. You may also notice also that Chep Pallets are 1175mm L x 1175mm W due to the 5mm metal clasps they attach to both ends of every bearer and on the sides.

Export Pallets

The following sizes are the most common export sizes used in Australia for when shipping products in a shipping container.

Export Pallet Sizes:

  • 1145mm L x 1145mm W x 145mm H
  • 1100mm L x 1100mm W x 145mm H
  • 1000mm L x 1200mm W x 145mm H

Export timber pallets need to be treated either with Fumigation or Heat Treating. This needs to be done from an accredited ISPM 15 business. Based on what country you are sending your pallet to will dictate the options you have.

Used Pallets

Used pallet sizes are diverse in Australia. Australia receives many different sized pallets from different countries all around the globe. One of the most common European pallets is the Euro 1200mm x 800mm block pallet allowing 4 way access with your pallet jack or forklift. This is not a cheap pallet but it does provide a solution for fitting the pallet through a doorway or around a sharp narrow corner.


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