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Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are used for a range of purposes including overseas shipping of your products, a storage facility on your premise and even for relocation purposes for when you are moving. Shipping containers can be modified to be an office unit, a kitchen or even a granny flat. There is almost unlimited uses for a shipping container.

General Purpose Shipping Containers

These types of containers are ideal for cost effective storage. They come in a range of sizes from 10, 20 and 40 foot. Many suppliers will have used shipping containers that have had the rust cut out and repainted after their hard life at sea. For good airflow, if needed, you can add whirly birds to them at minimal cost.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers

These types of shipping containers provide a cheap cold storage facility for your site. When buying used we suggest that you ask for a warranty on the refrigeration motor and/or have a specialists examine the motor for you.


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