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Warehouse Packaging Supplies


Packaging is used in many warehouses including the industrial, food and retail sectors for the separation, safety and security of products. The materials used are plastic, cardboard, paper, timber or metal. There is a vast range of different types of packaging solutions including shrink wrap, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, blister packaging, tapes, strapping, cardboard, void fill or paper.


The type of tapes available is numerous and are project specific. These include adhesive tapes that comprise of, but not limited to, packaging tapes, foam tapes, printed tapes, masking tapes, painters tapes and cloth tapes.  They also include double sided tapes that comprise of, but not limited to, acrylic tapes, tissue tapes, foam tapes, PET tapes glazing tapes and transfer tapes.


There are several type of wraps that are available including shrink wrap, stretch wrap and bubble wrap. These products are used generally to contain a group of products for safe transit or for the protection of your products from damage.

Plastic Packaging

The types of plastic packaging vary from wraps to boxes, cylinders, tubing, blister, hang sell and bags. The type of plastic used is specific for each product including thermoplastic, polyethylene and polystyrene just to name a few.

Cardboard Packaging

The types of cardboard packaging vary in strength from single paperboard to corrugated cardboard. Some uses of cardboard in warehousing are for boxes, cartons, pallet pads, layers and dividers.

Paper Packaging

The types of paper packaging vary from wraps and tapes to bags and cups. The type of paper used is specific for each product including asphalt, kraft or butchers and parchment just to name a few.


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