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16 Sultan Way, Rous Head North Fremantle WA 6159
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08 9430 5177

ICL, Integrated Container Logistics, is a container hire specialist, supplying Perth, Fremantle, and all Western Australia, with first class shipping container hire services, at affordable prices, for all container hire requirements.

We can handle all your container hire, de-hire, storage and transport requirements, effectively and on time. We will work with you on any container project you may require with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

Have You Considered A Shipping Container Shelter?
Australia Wide
Phone Number:

1800 908 888

Shipping container shelter being installed by the Allshelter® team. Notice how quick the shipping container shelter is being installed and the ease of how only a few men can install one of these weather rated shipping container shelters.

Allshelter was the first shipping container shelter manufacturer to enter the Australian marketplace back in 1999. Their expertise in providing the best container shelter solution for your requirements is second to none.

Specialising in the mining, civil and industrial sectors within Australia, as well as overseas, Allshelter has worked with various leading project managers worlwide to ensure that their shelters surpass all expectations. If it is a safe shelter structure you require, the team at Allshelter is ready to greet you with professionalism at all levels and to work with you in providing the most reliable shelter system for your needs.

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