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Big Ears Disclaimer

News Feeds

Well Made Group (ex: Big Ears Media Group Pty Ltd) has no control over what content is fed from associated press sites from around the world. We simply ask for news feeds based on category. For example, we may ask ‘You Tube’ to feed our site with the top 8 news videos relating to the word “industry”. However, this may mean that some of the news downloaded may come from a different unpalatable industry.


All advertising on is the responsibility of the advertisers. We accept no responsibility for breach of copyright regarding images supplied by advertisers.

Reliable Suppliers

We market our sites promoting reliable suppliers. Everyone will have a different interpretation of the word “Reliable”. Our use of the word only means that these people have paid us reliably for their advertising space hence, in our opinion, they are reliable.

Positioning on search engines

Even though we strive to obtain and keep a first page listing with sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, this is out of our control so, we do not accept any responsibility for losing positions but, if we do notice that our keyphrases are not competitive enough we generally bump up our marketing in other areas to compensate.


We do not host our own sites, this is done via a third party.

We have no responsibility for anything to do with the hosting and we are not affiliated in any way.

Data Collection

Data that we collect, this includes company name, contact name, contact phone number/s, IP address, host names and email address, are only shared with our suppliers allowing us to retrieve a quote for you. All other data is only used “in-house” for marketing purposes and we never sell data to third parties. Your privacy is important to us.