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Logistics Company

Logistics Company


As a dock worker in “Logistics Company” it’s up to you to move thousands of tons of cargo and goods and make sure that they’re shipped on time! Build your tiny warehouse into a major logistics hub and expand it bit by bit with new cargo terminals.

Have you always dreamed of operating large loading cranes and transporting heavy loads across a logistics hub site using high-powered logistics vehicles?

A Review On STEAM© by ????ᴜs #offline

Hmm… First of all. Don´t understand this bad reviews. For a simple Simulation, it´s a great game. Gameplay-Time = 2 HOR (Hours on record) 😉 You are a Harbor-Worker and must manage you orders and your work-stations. It´s a simple Rig and let´s roll trucks, trains and ships… U can earn money to buy some new Rails, Parking Lots and so on to get more offers… U can jump to all work-stations and take a preview of the orders or to see what to do. No need for super-graphics. (Choose the Window Mode with u desktop-resolution). If u run it as administrator and set the game-compatibily to Win 7 (Choose u OS) it will start without problems and run´s well without game-crashes or bugs. [My game runs @ Win 7 Ultimate 32bit] The secret is the camera. Use all u camera-views to manage the container-bridge and the mega-forklift to control them without problems. The controls are a lil bit unstable and u have not many options to handle them. OK. But the game is for a (Rondomedia) Presentation >> Controller supported (X360 Gamepad) absolute ok. I would recomment this game. But not for the official price. 😉 *Notice: Also u can´t compare this with some SCS, Astragon or Giants Game-Programs. But for a Logistic-Managment-Game it´s ok…Not as a typical UIG \ Actalogic-Simulation-Program. Haha… It´s programmed from: Crenetic GmbH Studios. Never heard of this Programmer before… Tip: Take some time to practice to learn skills and handle all vehicles \ Harbor Tools…

So here are my results:


Graphics: 8 \ 10
Controller-Support: 8 \ 10
Gameplay: 8 \ 10
Gamefun: 8 \ 10
Steam Key supported

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