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Timber Crates Adelaide

Crates Adelaide Crates Adelaide
Large Timber Crates Adelaide Large Timber Crates Adelaide
Custom Timber Crates Adelaide Custom Timber Crates Adelaide
Large Shipping Crates Adelaide Large Shipping Crates Adelaide
Small Crates Adelaide Small Crates Adelaide
Slatted Crates Adelaide Slatted Crates Adelaide

Timber Crates Adelaide

Timber crates Adelaide, South Australia. Find Adelaide timber crate companies that can help your business with all your requirements for timber crates.


Cases And Crates
Unit 2, 49 South Terrace Wingfield SA 5013
Phone Number:

08 8445 7215

0433 162 354

Custom crate manufacturer Adelaide specialising in quality built timber crates and cases with "best in class" customer service for all your Adelaide crate manufacturing requirements.

Timber shipping crates, by Adelaide timber shipping crate manufacturer, all come with ISPM 15 certifications. Our timber crate team are experienced in all facets of providing a timber crate that will be crafted to suit your product requirements.

Be greeted by an experienced timber crate manufacturer who can offer advice, and discuss professionally, your timber crate design with express delivery.

Crates Adelaide Crates Adelaide
Crate Manufacturer Adelaide Crate Manufacturer Adelaide
Timber Crates Adelaide Timber Crates Adelaide
Large Timber Crates Large Timber Crates
Shipping Crates Adelaide Shipping Crates Adelaide
Cevol Industries Pty Ltd
4 Trimmer Rd Elizabeth South SA 5112
Phone Number:

1800 643 911

0437 569 185

Steel Crates Adelaide, by this leading steel crate manufacturer who specialise in the design and manufacturing of fixed post and foldable steel crates in Adelaide.

We also manufacture and supply Adelaide with steel pallet cages which includes our popular lockable gas cylinder cages and our all purpose wire mesh cages.

If it's steel stillages or steel cradles that you require, we can also help with this. All our steel crates, cages, stillages and cradles come with sales and hire options in Adelaide.


Did You Know?

Timber Shipping Crates

These crates are made for the purpose of shipping your products overseas. Firstly, the crate manufacturer will need the size of your crate requirements, which should be measured to suit your product dimensions.

Secondly, the crate maker will give you a choice of using either fully enclosed or a slatted design. A fully enclosed design is generally the preferred option as it means your product/s are safe from any protrusion from external environments.

When a slatted design is more preferable, is when you are shipping items like vehicles, machinery or a very large stand alone product. Using a slatted design allows you to make savings by using less timber and reducing the necessary labour.

ISPM 15 brand
ISPM 15 brand. Replace the XX with Country Code, e.g. AU, for Australia. Replace 000 with unique registration number allowing customs to trace it back to the manufacturer. Replace YY with HD for Heat Treated & Debarked or MB for Methyl Bromide.

Knowing whether to heat treat or fumigate

All timber shipping crates need to carry a stamp that tells customs that it has either been heat treated, or fumigated, meeting all ISPM 15 requirements set down by the IPPC.

Based on which country you wish to send your timber shipping crate to, can help with your decision on whether to heat treat or fumigate. From an environmental point of view, heat treating your timber shipping crate is the obvious solution to support the environment.

Ask for a quote from all relevant Adelaide timber crate suppliers here, or call 0400 845 713 for timber crates Adelaide;

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