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Have You Considered A Shipping Container Shelter?

Have You Considered A Shipping Container Shelter?
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Shipping Container Shelter

Shipping container shelter being installed by the Allshelter® team. Notice how quick the shipping container shelter is being installed and the ease of how only a few men can install one of these weather rated shipping container shelters.

Container Shelters Container Shelters

Shipping container shelters can be manufactured, supplied and installed by the Allshelter® team. The type of industries they are suitable for are the mining, industrial, agricultural, transport and civil.

Some of the shelter solutions that shipping container shelters, supplied by Allshelter®, have provided, will range from protecting plant and machinery from the harsh environment allowing you to also do maintenance on your plant and machinery on those wet days.

The same can be said for vehicles, whether it's a mining truck, a big rig, an excavator, or a harvester. Shipping container shelters are the ideal, cost effective, disassemble/relocate/assemble, easy to transport solution.

In the agriculture sector, fixed post shelters are used instead of container shelters. The fixed post shelter solution can be used to store grain in and/or shelter your tractor, trucks, harvester and plant and equipment with wind rated shelters by Allshelter®.

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