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Born Again Pallets

Born Again Pallets
25 Hythe St, Ridleyton SA 5008

Pallets Adelaide Pallets Adelaide
Used Pallets Used Pallets
Recycled Pallets Recycled Pallets
Export Pallets Export Pallets
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Born Again Pallets is an, Adelaide based, pallet recycling company dedicated to reusing, repurposing and recycling timber waste products from the transport industry.

Our pallet company also specialises in manufacturing new timber pallets customised to suit our customers product, storage, transport and handling requirements.


  • New Custom Timber Pallets
  • Recycled Timber Pallets
  • Remanufactured Timber Pallets

Used Pallet Types:

  • Standard Size Pallets
  • Pallets with Notches
  • Export Pallets
  • Block Pallets
  • Flat Surface (No Gaps) Plywood Pallets
  • Massive Range of Sizes Available

Did you know that, reusing a waste product, like a recycled pallet, is our first priority because when a waste product is reused, it takes the least amount of energy to give purpose back to the waste product.

By using as little energy as possible, we have the greatest "green" impact on the environment. If an item is not reusable, we look to repurpose that item into customised products such as pallet furniture, like timber bed bases, pallet walls and even stools.

With the amount of timber waste products, from medium to large industries, Born Again Pallets have planted their flag in the sand to find purpose for as much of these waste products as possible.

Our head and heart is in the right place, all we need now is for you to make an inquiry to us, and then we can prove that our service, and products, can meet your expectations.

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  • Born Again Pallets
  • Born Again Pallets
  • Born Again Pallets
  • Born Again Pallets
  • Born Again Pallets
  • Born Again Pallets
  • Born Again Pallets

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