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Advice On How Many Pallets Of Bricks Required

Pallets of Bricks

Neighbourly Advice

A guy decides to build a brick fence in front of his house but isn’t sure how many pallets of bricks he’ll need. So he calls his Polish neighbor, who recently built a similar-size brick fence. “Lech,” he says, “I’m building a fence almost the same size as yours. How many pallets of bricks did you get?”

“Ten,” Lech answers.

So the guy buys 10 pallets and proceeds to build a beautiful fence. When he finishes, he’s surprised to find he only used four of the pallets.

“Hey, Lech,” he says over the fence, “I just finished building my fence, and I’ve got six pallets of bricks left over.”

“Yep,” says Lech. “So did I.”

Jon Kelly
Madison, NJ