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Pallet Racking Installation | How Not To Install Racking

Pallet Racking Installation:

Pallet racking installation is not as easy as it looks. It seems that this pallet racking installation company forgot all about the safety aspect in their video. Notice that no-one is wearing hi vis clothing and when they are at heights there are no harnesses for the safety of the workers.

On closer inspection of this pallet racking installation video, you will also noticed that they do not use floor anchors to hold the racking in place. This may have been forgiven if the video had only been made as a quick demo but, as soon as they started loading pallet loads onto the racking, this quickly became apparent that it was dangerous.


When installing pallet racking, there is more to take into consideration than just putting the racking together. We always suggest you use, or at the very least, consult a pallet racking specialist and to not try and do the installation yourself for the sake of saving yourself a few dollars which ultimately could lead to injury or death. And what would the cost be to you then?

If you need a reminder about safety and what is required, we suggest you visit Safe Work Australia