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Crates come in a wide variety of custom sizes. a crate is used to protect your product from damage and the environment. These vessels come in a range of materials such as timber, steel, plastic and plywood being the most common.

Timber Crates

Fantastic for transporting and storage. Durable and strong. These timber vessels can carry decent weights. Can be fumigated or heat treated and then used for shipping overseas.

Steel Crates

For when a heavy duty crate is needed to store or transport heavy loads. Another terminology used is Stillages. Steel crates are very durable and completely recyclable. Many styles can be locked and generally a steel crate manufacturer will also fabricate cages like a LPG gas bottle cage.

Plastic Crates

Have many uses from storing spare parts in them to transporting milk bottles/cartons. Some larger crates are used for vegetable or fruit bins. Some ventilated plastic crates can go brittle when leaving in the coolroom/freezer. It is always a good idea to speak with a specialist about how you plan you utilise your plastic vessel.



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